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Baseline Ventures slaps legal notice to Swiggy, FreeCharge. Here’s what happened

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 2,097 Using Prithvi Shaw’s name for commercial leverage under the pretext of congratulating the latest sensation of Indian cricket have landed two big brands in the soup. As fans across the world were celebrating Indian test cricketer Prithvi Shaw century, foodtech major Swiggy and FreeCharge posted ‘congratulatory’ messages. However, the social media posts received ire and got a notice from Baseline Ventures, the sports marketing company that manages Shaw. Baseline Ventures, the sports marketing team managing Shaw has sent cease and desist notices to these companies seeking a…

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Here’s how Amul celebrates blockbuster success of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Reading Time: < 1 minute Post Views: 7,086 Anything and everything that is trending never misses the Amul eye. The utterly-butterly brand is known for the witty Amul Butter ads that revolve around the current affairs. Celebrating the success of “Marvel Avengers: Infinity War”, Amul releases an ad featuring the superheroes. Titled ‘Avengetarian Marvel!’ with a captain ‘Amul Infinitely Delicious!’, the advertisement features Iron Man, Thanos, Black Panther and the Amul girl dressed as a superhero. The film has created a furore worldwide, with its amazing response. It has been making unbelievable records at the…

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FREAKY FRIDAY: These mascots are still creating a strong recall for their brands

Reading Time: 4 minutes Post Views: 6,830 From the utterly-butterly Amul’s mascot girl to the  Air India’s Maharajah, mascots have been endearing brands to consumers over the years, creating a strong recall and connect beyond advertising and marketing drives. While the Amul Girl has been giving her witty takes on current happenings, the Maharaja always welcome guests with a gracious bow. In an age of social media, these mascots are still creating a strong recall for their respective brands. Take a look. The ‘Amul Girl’: Amul girl refers to the advertising mascot used by…

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Amul launches ‘Irish Drink Mocktail’ with Almond Branding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 9,480 In a first-of-its kind, Amul, India’s largest diary brand, has launched an Irish Drink Mocktail. The beverage has been launched in collaboration with Almond Branding, one of India’s leading branding and design agencies, for branding, packaging design and communication. Irish Cream is the combination of the two most sinful things one can relish in Ireland – Irish whiskey and Irish cream. Leaving no scope for ambiguity, the drink was positioned as a mocktail – an alcohol-free alternative to relish at parties, to say cheers with friends or…

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Amul Girl to enter merchandising business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post Views: 7,532 Now wear your favorite Amul Girl Polka dot frocks and a range of items like key rings and more. The adorable Amul girl could soon find her way into living rooms and kitchens, beyond the topical ads on newspapers with the dairy major mulling over launch of merchandise based on her. According to a top company official, once Amul takes a decision in the next two-three months, a range of items ranging from key rings to fridge magnets and polka dot frocks may be sold over its…

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