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TAG Heuer partners with Nintendo to launch Super Mario Watches

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TAG Heuer partners with Nintendo to launch Super Mario Watches

TAG Heuer partnered with the Japanese gaming company, Nintendo, the owner of the franchise “Super Mario Bros” to launch an interactive timepiece – that would seamlessly combine the world of watches and fitness.

The Limited Edition TAG Heuer X Super Mario promises to make exercising fun, as the animated dial with the iconic hero, Mario, would become more energetic as the wearer exercises. Mario is imitating a personal trainer and a cheerleader who would encourage the wearer to complete the target set through in watch games.

On completion of the target, Mario would celebrate with his signature power-up moves, thus following a reward-based system. The cardinal points of the bezel are adorned with objects integral to Mario’s adventures; the Super Mushroom (which makes Mario grow) at the 3 o’clock position, the pipe that allows him to travel fast at 6 o’clock, and at 9 o’clock the invincible Super Star lights up. As the customer finishes their daily target, Mario climbs the Goal Pole, which encourages the wearer.

TAG Heuer CEO, Frédéric Arnault spoke about the collaboration, he said “What better than the TAG Heuer Connected to give life to this iconic character and encourage users to team up with Mario to get out there and be more active?”

The 2,000 watches in the TAG Heuer x Super Mario, come with interchangeable straps on which the edition name is inscribed already. The collection is set to release on the 15th of July on the official watchmaker’s website.

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