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Spotify and Cadbury partner up to bring lovers closer 

Spotify and Cadbury partner up to bring lovers closer 

The best love language is finally discovered chocolates and music. Spotify and Cadbury Dairy Milk partnered up together to reunite Gen Z and millennial lovers with their unique campaign.

Unlock love from afar 

Amidst the clutter of the first lockdown, the two brands collaborated to launch their inimitable campaign that resonated with young couples. Having understood the pain of couples who could not unite due to the unprecedented lockdown, brands found ways through which they could reach out to their romantic love interest.

Young adults spend about 1.7 hrs per day on Spotify listening to songs. In a study conducted by the brand itself, it was revealed that romance is the most listens to category. 

Spotify wanted to create a unique experience for the love locks, through its music. They came up with a personalized playlist.

One could send these playlists to their romantic counterpart and express how deeply they feel. Couples found this to be an innovative way to express themselves.

How Cadbury fits into the picture?

Spotify created a unique digital experience for Dairy Milk Silk in the form of a custom site built using its API. Spotify’s AI used to target listeners through audio and video ads, which led them to the specially made website on clicking the ads. Once on the site, one could share their exclusive playlist to their love interest along with a love note. But that’s not all.

The love birds weren’t just given a chance to send a message, Spotify’s algorithms also created a unique playlist where the first letter of every song name in the playlist spelled out their message of love. Such details and intricacies make things a thousand times better.  

What adds to the experience is that every listener who engaged with the microsite stands a chance to gift a Dairy Milk Silk to their special someone.

Results of the campaign

While social media is flooded with testimonials by people of how much they loved the campaign, the real success can be seen through the numbers the brand has attained through this campaign.

Every GenZ couple is rooting for Spotify and Cadbury and expressing emotions by “Saying it with Silk”.


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