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Soon, McDonald’s to bring Rubik’s brand to children’s Happy Meals

The Smiley Company and McDonald’s joined hands for a promotional licensing deal. As per the agreement, The Smiley Company will bring the Rubik’s brand to children’s Happy Meals across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

According to a report in the License Global, The Marketing Store brokered the deal on behalf of McDonald’s.

“From the robust mini Cubes and the unique Rubik’s Cube-shaped Happy Meal box to the TV ads and bespoke games created for the Happy Studio app, every aspect of the promotion has been crafted to perfectly leverage the Rubik’s brand mission of encouraging children to play smart and further our goal of bringing intelligent play to kids of all ages,” Nicolas Loufrani, chief executive officer, The Smiley Company was quoted as saying.

As per the deal, McDonald’s customers in France, Spain, Austria, Canada are likely to get one of four bespoke Rubik’s cubes toys—a square 2×2 cubes, 3×2 cubes, rounded version and more. The collectibles can be received this summer in a Happy Meal.

Besides, the promotion will feature a soon-to-be-announced association between a major Hollywood animation studio, that promises a unique twist on the classic puzzle.

The Smiley Company maker, which is known for nearly 1,000 emojis and smileys sees India as a market with immense potential.

Smiley World, founded by French journalist Franklin Loufrani more than 25 years ago, has built a business from royalties collected on a symbol they trademarked in over 100 countries, for use over a wide range of product categories.


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