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Now, Sesame Street is entering classrooms. Here’s how

Sesame Workshop has partnered with McGraw-Hill for classroom curriculum featuring “Sesame Street” characters.

According to the experts, the move could open the door for other companies to move into the sensitive learning space with possible influence on children.

However, no financial terms for their new line of classroom instructional materials have been disclosed yet.

According to the deal, the two companies will offer research-based “Sesame Street” branded content to pre-kindergarten and elementary schools across the United States.

The initial program will promote social-emotional learning skills such as empathy and self-awareness and resilience and will be a part of McGraw-Hill’s Wonders literacy program. Content includes circle-time videos and lessons, teacher’s resources and weekly parent newsletters.

“Developing effective social-emotional learning skills at an early age provides a strong foundation for children to excel in school and move on to future success in life,” Marty Lange, senior vice president and chief product and operating officer, School Group, McGraw-Hill was quoted as saying from the Global License.

All curriculum will be available in English and Spanish.

“Collaborating with Sesame Workshop represents a unique opportunity to work with a pioneer in educational media and social-emotional learning content for young learners while improving learning outcomes and transforming the school-to-home learning experience. By working together, we can facilitate even stronger connections between teachers, learners, and families in the service of learning,” Marty was quoted as saying.

Sesame Street has been a household brand since debuting in 1969 on public television.

The ‘Sesame Street’ program is set to roll-out in fall 2019.


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