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Lego launches their largest ‘Jurassic World’ collection in India

In what could be termed as good news, the Lego Group and the Universal Brand Development (UBC) launched their largest ‘Jurassic World’ collection in India.

The collection offers an expanded line of construction sets, new animated content and a lifestyle collection.

The line offers 13 construction sets that span every LEGO age category, as well as two all-new, animated videos, and an assortment of soft toys and collectibles to reach audiences beyond the traditional toy section. Also, a part of the collection includes mini figurines, soft line, and plush toys.

Commenting on the collection, Rohan Mathur, Head of Marketing; Emerging Asia Lego, said “LEGO as a brand has evolved from being a children specific toy brand to a brand that people from all walks of life can relate to. The LEGO brand globally boasts of the diverse collection, from the Marvel Super Heroes sets to the Star Wars collection, and LEGO as a brand has redefined itself to include the biggest target market: “the millennials”.

“The Jurassic World collection which is selling out fast globally aligns to LEGO’s vision of inventing the future of play and tapping into new passion points to create and connect,” Mathur further stated.

The cost of the new collection ranges from Rs 2499 to Rs18,999.

Thirteen construction sets will span across the various Lego play categories — Lego Duplo (aged 2-4), Lego Juniors (aged 4-7) and Lego Systems (aged 6-plus).

Some of the most popular building set from the Jurassic World Collection include:

The Lego Duplo T Rex Tower: Designed for toddlers and parents, the tower is an easy to build set which comes with large building bricks, a T-Rex with the opening jaw, revolving tower, mini car figurine and an Owen Lego Duplo figure.

The Lego Juniors T Rex Breakout: For aged 4-7 years, the mission is to build a posable T Rex, a working open gate and a truck with a quick start framework. It comes with easy instructions manual, quick start body, a baby dinosaur and three minifigures.

Lego Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit: Designed for 7-years and up, the Helicopter pursuit set’s mission is to unite Owen and his Velociraptor. The set includes a quad bike and a helicopter with rotating blades and dual searchlight. Also, included are three mini figurines and a Dinosaur model.

The products will be available at all leading toy stores and e-commerce portals in India.

The organized toy market is on a rise with customers more conscious of brands and quality and prefers to buy from renowned brands. With parents getting conscious of the material their kids consume, there is a gradual shift towards educational toys which provides not only entertainment but also provides learning to the audience.


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