8 Tips to ‘Be the Best’ At Networking Events


Networking: The word which makes even the extroverts feel nervous. You can hate them or love them but you cannot avoid networking events in a professional life. Networking events are the best opportunity to meet people and connect with them and if you avoid them, you are at big loss.

Most of us are not born networkers and that is totally fine but that does not mean you would not talk to anyone. It’s good to talk to strangers; they might potentially help you reach your next goal.

Before you attend the next networking party of LIMA India on this coming Thursday, 08th December 2016, you can have a have little prep done for it with the some tips from us. A preparation ahead of time is always good.

Here are 8 Tips which would help you to survive and be the best at networking events:

#1 Be Yourself

You may be alone and nervous but do not change yourself because of it. Being genuine is what matters when you go for networking events. If not, then you are trapping yourself into cobwebs of lies. Certainly, you do not wish for that!

#2 Research Attendees

It’s good to be little like Sherlock Holmes before the event. You should do a thorough research of the individuals you are hoping to meet. Scope out these individuals’ LinkedIn profiles to learn the basics about them and look for common connections as it will surely help you to connect and maybe impress them.

#3 Introduce Yourself. 

Networking events can be awkward. Particularly if you’re an introvert, starting conversations may not come naturally. Vow to overcome your natural temptation to blend into the woodwork, and make a point of introducing yourself to at least five people.

#4 Be Ready with Interesting Stories

Uncomfortable silence is something everybody loathes when you are with someone new. Know what you are going to speak and when to speak as well. It’s good to be a conversation starter at such events. Your conversation can start with anything from the book you last read or the movie you watched and what interests you.

#5 Mind your ‘Body’ Language

Visual cues are one of the most important things.  You may not realize what your body conveys when you are speaking, but do not forget them. Your posture and gestures inform your opinions and how much you trust others. And one thing which is really valuable to note is avoid looking into your phone constantly as that shows your lack of interest in the event.

#6 Take Notes

It is always good to take notes. You are certainly not a computer to remember everything. So jot down information which will help you later while you follow-up. Make sure you do not jot it down during the conversation or the event is on.

#7 All about them

Be a listener; make sure it is about them and not always about you. People do not like it when you talk about yourself. Keep eye contact with your conversation partner. Nod your head and tilt your body towards them when they’re speaking. These small cues go a long way towards making them feel like you care.

#8 End Conversations Gracefully

The last moments of conversation are the ones which people will remember you with, so make sure you give a good ending to it. Don’t be in a hurry to end the conversation, give them some extra beat and then you leave. It should not feel like you are running away from them. Remember – It should make them feel good.

Being the best networker is easy with these simple yet valuable tips. All you need to keep in mind is to be authentic with those around you. Make sure you attend networking events and make the most of it.

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