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ISRO has its own merch now

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ISRO has its own merch now

Following the footsteps of US space organization NASA, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced its own merchandising program for the general public. This is done to create awareness about space and technology. Through the program, customers will be able to procure customized space-themed merchandise. ISRO would partner up with multiple organizations to bring forward the products at the most cost-effective price.

The merch has been designed by  Brand management and licensing company, Black White Orange (BWO) and it celebrates the various achievements of ISRO so far.

In an interview Bhavik Vora, Founder & CEO, Black White Orange Brands Pvt. Ltd said, “India has come a long way since its independence in 47 and as we celebrate our 74th independence year and move towards the landmark 75th in 2022, we thought of creating one of India’s first true blue Indian brands that celebrate some of our most loved institutions and culture. Through BWO’s private label A47, we are going to appeal to the EQ of Indians who should feel pride in owning a piece of all the incredible things that India has achieved over decades, starting with ISRO.  We are extremely excited, proud, and honored to launch merchandise for this amazing ‘Jewel of India’. ”

Space themed merch

As announced by ISRO, they are ready to launch space-themed merchandise for students, children, and the general public. While the exact merch is not out yet, sources believe that the merch would include apparel, space-themed educational games, science toys, and scale models.

Currently, eight companies have shown interest and registered on a nonexclusive basis with a registration fee regarding customized ISRO themed articles and models.

Indic Inspiration is one such company to register. Founder and CEO of Indic Inspirations, Sunil Jalihal said, “We will soon be launching a whole collection of ISRO themed Merchandise that will appeal to all Indians and Science & Space enthusiasts alike.”

ISRO Merchandising Program

As part of the MOUs, ISRO allowed the partner companies to use drawings, images, and designs of the department, in a way that would not jeopardize the pride of the department. ISRO has raised clear objection to use their logo on doormats, slippers, or any such items as it may sabotage their name and affect their reputation. Also, extra diligence is taken to ensure accuracy for the 3D models and 2D drawings that are being used to make scaled models, LEGO sets, jigsaw puzzles.

Also, ISRO will not be taking any responsibility for the sale or after the sale of the products, delivery, quality, damages, or any related concerns with the merchandise products, This can be seen as a brand promotion strategy followed by several companies showing interest in creating customized articles or handicrafts that are approaching ISRO for themes.

The merch would be available very soon on 

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