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HUGE! Play Unveils GAMEBUD Talking Tom at Licensing Expo

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HUGE! Play Unveils GAMEBUD Talking Tom at Licensing Expo

HUGE! Play has proudly unveiled the GAMEBUD Talking Tom, based on Outfit7’s world-famous character, at the 2021 Virtual Licensing Expo. This revolutionary new gaming product is the world’s first audio-animatronic, smart game gear, which fuses gaming, interactive devices, and play into one packaged product. 

Talking Tom will be the first GAMEBUD to launch, bringing the unique technology to life and offering a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Tom is a funny, lovable character from Outfit7’s award-winning Talking Tom & Friends franchise, which has over 16 billion downloads and 79 billion video views to date. 

Driven by a highly sophisticated AI, the GAMEBUD Talking Tom will connect to the Talking Tom & Friends mobile games. With both in-game and out-of-game components, the GAMEBUD Talking Tom is one of the freshest tools to enhance gameplay, giving fans the chance to engage with the popular character as a hilarious gaming companion and live streamer. 

The product comes with a GAMEBUD app, which transforms the game gear into a standalone interactive character who can carry on conversations and perform hundreds of sharable routines. With 500 minutes of unique, interactive content, players will never hear the same phrase twice. This rare accomplishment is credited to the masterminds behind HUGE! Play, the direct-to-fan premium play company, was founded by rebel toy executives and entrepreneurs: Kevin Mowrer, Adrian Roche, Dave Ciganko, and Henry Kates. 

“HUGE! Play was founded on a shared obsession to supercharge immersive play experiences and bring great stories and characters to life,” said Kevin Mowrer, Founder and Co-CEO. “Outfit7’s Talking Tom personality was the perfect license to launch our GAMEBUD technology, and a rare chance to bring the beloved brand to life in new and exciting ways. Be the first to order this October to get your hands on GAMEBUD Talking Tom exclusives and more!” 

GAMEBUD Talking Tom will be sold exclusively through the HUGE! Play Talking Tom marketplace at Pre-orders begin this October for the 2021 holiday season.

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