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FreakyFriday –5 GOT Merchandise which rule the market

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When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you buy! “What is Game of Thrones (GOT)?”, says no one ever. Today,Game of Thrones is ruling the whole world. There are GoT-themed garments aplenty, action figures, shot glasses, replica swords, and more.


It’s hard being a Game of Thrones fan with each of your favourite character dying and waiting long for the next season to come up. We know about the wait but you can always cheer yourself with the amazing the merchandise. Whether you’re a diehard Stark or a true-born Targaryen, there is Game of Thrones merchandise for everyone.

Denizens of Westeros from across the Seven Kingdoms can find their House through merchandise, and those who know Winter is Coming can warm up with a dragon. Today, we list out top 5 Game of Thrones Merchandise:

  1. GOT T-shirts

Declaring your allegiance through your favorite shirt and if you wish to make someone laugh through the witty quotes by Tyrion Lannister. These shirt are the best to wear with the best quotes.


  1. GOT Shot Glasses

Do a shot for the Targaryens with the Game of Thrones Targaryen Shot Glass. The Targaryen’s motto is imprinted on one side of the glass, “Fire and Blood”, while the other side depicts the house sigil, a three-headed dragon. Salute The T Game of Thrones Targaryen Shot Glass is one of the best sold merch.


  1. GOT Key Chain

This Game of Thrones keychain features the fierce direwolf – the Stark family evocation. Like direwolves, the Starks promise to be fiercely loyal.This is one of the most loved house and indeed the most loved merchandise.


  1. Hand of the King pin Brooch

The Hand of the King pin Brooch is something which when you buy for yourself makes you feel honorable, isn’t it? In the name of late Ned stark and Tywin, these are quite popular among the masses. Gifting one of these is such an honor and respect for a GOT fan.


  1. GOT Character Vinyl Figures

These are so far one of the best selling merchandise, with little vinyl figures of almost every character out in the market. These merchandises are so popular in the market that you’ll find them in the GOT official Instagram page and even in the instagram pages of bookgramers as well.


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