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Freaky Friday: Understanding how licensing agents help you do it better

Understanding Licensing & Should You Hire An Agent or Not?

It’s friday again & time for our next freaky content for your to understand the world of licensing better! This week it’s a special one as we also celebrate our 4th Anniversary in the licensing Industry as a publication.

Today, we are going to have a candid chat with Mr.Kelvyn Gardner – Founder, Asgard Media & Former UK Licensing International Head, who has spent 4decades in the world of licensing. But, obvious the topic today is about how licensing agents help you do it better!

Licensing in India is fairly new yet not so much, we all have been the consumers of brand licensing & brand extensions by biggest of the brands while also a creator of such programs from yesteryears in the name of Goodwill & Royalty..  With an ever increasing competition in the market, collaboration has got its edge over competition and so, we brought you this candid chat to make you understand licensing & should you hire an agent or not!

Do watch a full video, its bit lengthy however coming straight from someone as experienced is defiently worth the time!

Equation: Your great products + powerful brands = success


The Award-winning Licensing Consultancy – Asgard Media was founded in 1998 by Kelvyn Gardner. Kelvyn’s career in licensing dates back to 1979, when he began marketing Disney products for an Italian publishing company. For the next twenty years Kelvyn marketed literally hundreds of licensed products all over the world, and became the man at the sharp end, making those risky decisions about which licenses to buy, and how much to pay.

Topics we will cover in the video:

1. Global Licensing Industry Landscape

2. Scope of Licensing & Why licensing should be a business model to be adapted by most of the brands / IP Owners / licensees

3. When do you know your IP / brand is ready for adapting licensing as a model?

4. Factors to keep in mind for licensing programs & strategies such as market structures, retail patterns, legal systems and limitations, and tax implications.

5. Why is it important to hire an agent / consultant for your licensing program? 5. Things to note & ask, before hiring an agent / consultant

6. Agent / Consultant Fee Structure – Monthly Remuneration / Revenue Share, Royalty / Marketing budgets.. What works the best?

7. Most innovative licensing program / product you have witnessed in your career ..  some examples

8. Current consumer trends in licensing post pandemic effect

9. Scope of licensing in India? Your thoughts?


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