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FREAKY FRIDAY: Meet these ‘Under 40’ richest self-made power women in US

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Meet these ‘Under 40’ richest self-made power women in US

Gone are those days, when women used to do household chores and men used to earn to take care of the family. With advancements, women have become more powerful in shaping the course of history with their intelligence, strength, passion, and leadership qualities.

Recently, financial magazine Forbes has released their list of American female self-made women. A total of 60 women are featured on the list with popular names such as Oprah Winfrey and Celine Dion, including two Indian-origin technology executives Jayshree Ullal and Neerja Sethi.

These five ‘under 40’ power women have grabbed the self-made millionaire titles:

Kylie Jenner:

The 20-year old reality star’s fortune comes from her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics. The brand sells lip kits and other makeup accessories.

According to a Forbes estimate, the company is worth USD 800 million. The other 100 million comes from endorsements, tax dividends, and of course, her family’s reality show empire.

Her limited-edition products performed well in 2016 when her holiday collection made USD19 million in 24 hours.

Thanks to the ever-growing social media, Kylie has topped the 2018 Instagram Rich List, having earned one million dollars (Rs 6,87,15,000) on each post. Kylie climbed the ladder after beating Selena Gomez, who bagged the first position last year.

Kim Kardashian:

The ‘hashtag’ era has birthed a new centimillionaire: Kim Kardashian West. The social media queen has transformed her fortune by selling her followers a mobile game, emojis–and now, cosmetics.

Kardashian West who has a net worth of USD 350 million started her own cosmetics company in 2017 with USD 48 creme contour kits.

KKW Beauty quickly expanded into powder sets, concealer, lipsticks, eyeshadow, and fragrances.

The startup has already tallied an estimated USD 100 million in revenue. Along with her sister, Kardashian West debuts at number 54 on the fourth annual list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

On Women’s day this year, Kardashian dropped a bumper collection of feminist emojis that had sparked a huge debate around feminism online. The Kimojis featured lots of booty, boobs, panties and even a stripper pole.

Huda Kattan:

The self-made make-up guru quit her job in finance to become a make-up artist and now she is the owner of a makeup empire and writes one of the Internet’s most-read blogs.

Huda Beauty sells more than 140 products from eyeshadow pallets to lip gloss, which bring in at least USD 200 million in annual sales.

Kattan started her business, Huda Beauty, in 2013 with her two sisters – Mona and Alya.

Daughter of immigrants from Iraq, she has a net worth of USD 550 million.

TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity company, acquired a small stake in her company and now it is worth more than USD 1 billion.

Kattan is also a beauty influencer and has 26 million followers on Instagram.

Huda Kattan ranked number 37 on Forbes’s list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift’s fortune again lands her a place on America’s Richest Self-Made Women. She ranks at number 60.

The ‘Love Story’ singer who has a net worth of USD 320 million made a comeback on the music scene with her album ‘Reputation’. The album sold 2 million copies in its opening week, becoming the top album of 2017 in terms of total sales.

Her North America tour, 1989, broke touring records three years ago when it grossed USD 250 million.

Her net worth has benefited from continued earnings from her music, endorsements, and merchandises.

Taylor Swift’s China-based clothing line with Heritage66, announced in July 2015, consists largely of severely branded t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts and high-waisted pants, and even some options for men.


Beyonce grabbed the position at number 53 on America’s Richest Self-Made Women, behind moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg.

Beyoncé Knowles has a net worth of USD 355 million and has also featured on other Forbes lists including Power Women 2017 and Celebrity 100 2017.

Beyoncé’s company launched a line of beauty-related products in her daughter’s name ‘Blue Ivy Carter’. From clothing to fragrances, hair and makeup supplies, and even mobile apps and games, the brand covered all!

Her most recent album Lemonade was her sixth No.1 solo venture and her On The Run II stadium tour with her husband Jay-Z grossed around USD 5 million per night.

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