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DeAPlaneta Entertainment Confirms its NFT Position with MetaGuardians

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DeAPlaneta Entertainment digital business division: DeAPlaneta Interactive has just added a new NFT project to its portfolio: the MetaGuardians, set in a universe of superheroes, villains and sidekicks.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment Confirms its NFT Position with MetaGuardians

The project was directed by the award-winning designer of Plants vs. Zombies, Antubel Moreda and produced by Bernal Moreda. Their new release schedule includes a play-to-earn videogame with Ethereum blockchain technology and an NFT comic, produced by DeAPlaneta Entertainment. 

The launch event formalizing the MetaGuardians and DeAPlaneta Entertainment partnership will be held on the MetaGuardians Discord channel, for its community of over 30,000 followers, at 6 p.m. (CET) on 24 May 2022.

This event will be led by Antubel Moreda and Bernal Moreda, who created the MetaGuardians project, together with Anna Campistol, Head of DeAPlaneta Interactive and Gregory Pierron, Publishing Category Manager at DeAPlaneta Kids and Family. This fabulous team will showcase the project to the growing MetaGuardians community.

Since leaping into the eSports world with OSL, DeAPlaneta has also dived into web3 and the metaverses, where it has been developing ideas and projects for some time. MetaGuardians has an app in metaverses including Decentraland and The Sandbox and Apps such as Somnium Space VR, Cryptovoxels avatars, and many others as part of the revolution that combines art, collecting and decentralized technology.

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