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Covid19 Impact: Licensing Corner, spoke exclusively with Flowhaven

COVID-19 has asked people to stay at home, and many businesses have stopped operating entirely. Many companies now need to make quick changes and new strategies to meet customers where they are. The event has posed a risk to many industries. However, it has also created new opportunities in some other industries.

People have become more aware of digital channels that help them socialize, work, shop, etc. They have increasingly noticed the value of technology for efficiency, and as a result, sought out innovative solutions like Flowhaven. 

Licensing Corner, spoke exclusively with Flowhaven & here’s what got to say!

How is Flowhaven coping up with the lockdown?

A global company, Flowhaven employees, are located around the world in cities including London, Los Angeles, and Helsinki, and are used to working remotely. The lockdown has not affected our operations. Flowhaven has held more internal social events online such as online lunches, Easter planting competitions, etc. and made sure to enhance the Flowhaven spirit, providing customers the best-in-class tools and customer service, no matter where they are. 

From a customer perspective?

Flowhaven extends our support during this time. We actively keep in touch with our customers and ensure that we respond quickly according to their needs. We do regular meet-ups online and find new ways to leverage the tools’ full capabilities to help customers succeed. 

Our mission is to provide brand licensing professionals with the tools they need to control and steer their operations at any time and in any place. Now, more than ever, we remain committed to providing a comprehensive, easy-to-access solution that benefits all members of the licensing community.

We understand this situation is a hard time for some companies in the licensing industries. We are happy to provide a 30-day free trial, free software environment set up after purchase, and onboarding for our new customers so they can enjoy working remotely with a licensing tool that gives full visibility and excellent accessibility to their licensing operations. We make sure they enjoy the value and efficiency before taking the tool in use.

Impact on Licensing deals, Merchandise Sales Numbers & Revenues?

We are rapidly expanding into Asia, where companies are excited about the role technology can play in making their licensing operation more efficient. We have seen an increase in inquiries about our product suite, specifically the features that can increase productivity and revenue. We believe sales are growing steadily because customers recognize the value as soon as they start using the tool. We feel confident that the steps we have taken to nurture our customers and expand into new markets will see our sales will rise much faster when the economic situation recovers.


What does the future look like?

We were licensors, agents, and licensees in our past lives and wanted to see a change in way licensing is done. We will continue to empower brands to delight their fans by providing teams best-in-class tools and customer service.

We have a true passion for the industry and will keep on developing the most user-centric platform we can, where customers can create and nurture successful licensing programs. 



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