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Casio launches vintage Pac-Man version A100 watch

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Casio launches vintage Pac-Man version A100 watch

Casio has launched its new digital watch in collaboration with Bandai Namco. The A100 WEPC pays tribute to one of the most iconic games: Pac-Man. The design of this watch is based on the Casio F-100 digital watch which was launched in 1978.

Having an F-100 in that decade was a badge of honor, as it was one of the most advanced watches available. In the 1970s very few watches had features such as multiple digital alarms, calendar view, and stopwatch. The watch gained popularity then because it was worn by celebrated actor Ripley in the movie Alien.

The newer version A100WEPC has a similar layout. Right in the center of the watch, there is an illuminator logo and the 24-hour format timepiece. One can not only find Pac-Man characters on the watch but also game score screen.

Owning to the popularity of Pac-Man, Casio isn’t the first to incorporate this retro Pac-Man design, before them the Timex T80 x Pc- Man collection was launched, at a price of 79 dollars. That design was arguably more desirable for ardent games of the game.

The base AW100WE model, which came out last month, offers water resistance, a 1/10 second stopwatch, daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and LED light.

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