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Cartoon Network, Sabrina Pilewicz join hands to create ‘Powerpuff Girls’ handbags

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, Cartoon Network has teamed up with the Polish handbag designer Sabrina Pilewicz to create her own Powerpuff inspired handbags, each one depicting the style and originality of the three super-girls.

Known as ‘SP x Powerpuff Girls’, the association marks Pilewicz’s first-ever deal with Cartoon Network and is only one of the many collaborations to come between Cartoon Network and EMEA designers.

The new collection will be promoted using the slogan “What is your superpower?” with Poland’s Next Top Model finalist Karolina Pisarek as the ambassador and the face of the launch campaign.

Blossom features on the #wisdombag, with the fact that the character is curious, like to learn and is goal orientated.

Bubbles appear on the #energybag, with a design that “reminds us to have fun and seek joy in life”.

Buttercup can be found on the #powerbag, with a design that aims to inspire women to “take on new challenges, have the courage and be aspirational”.

Leila Loumi, the Licensing Director, Fashion & Home, and Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA said, “We’re very proud to be announcing another great fashion collaboration for The Powerpuff Girls in EMEA, as part of our continued celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary, and to be building on our reputation for partnering with really unique, high-end designers that have a shared DNA with PPG.”

“Sabrina Pilewicz is a young, independent designer who, through her own strength and determination, has built a brand led by women for women. The fantastic handbag collection she’s created inspired by our superhero trio is the perfect embodiment of that with a big injection of fun too!” Leila stated further.

As the original ambassadors of girl power, the iconic brand has been inspiring generations of girls and young women since its initial launch in November 1998. From the moment Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup started to save the world before bedtime, they became more than just characters on a show, but a global phenomenon with a message of empowerment that still resonates 20 years later as a re-imagined series debuted in 2016.

The SP x POWERPUFF GIRLS collection is now available at the Sabrina Pilewicz official website.


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