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Can’t keep calm! Kit Kat Drumsticks now exists

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What happens when two iconic snack foods meet? Nestlé is combining our beloved candy and an American favorite ice cream treat, the Drumstick, to create a new delicacy — the KitKat Drumstick.

According to media reports, Kit Kat Drumsticks will be sold at Kroger stores nationwide and will be sold at other grocery stores, soon.

The new Kit Kat Drumsticks will have a chocolate wafer twist on the iconic packaged ice cream cone.

A food blogger took to the Instagram and wrote, “Break me off a piece of that KitKat…ice cream cone! The chocolate shell isn’t any ordinary chocolate shell…it’s got KitKat wafer pieces embedded into it!”

Each four-pack box features four Drumstick cones, with the signature vanilla ice cream in a cone lined with chocolate the ice cream is coated in a chocolate shell with roasted peanuts.

The KitKat Drumsticks also feature the traditional Drumstick fudge center and “chocolate-y nugget” at the bottom of each cone, reportedly.

The delicious product retails for roughly USD 3.99.

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