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Bravado and Justin Bieber launch Purpose Merchandise

Bravado and Forever 21 have teamed on an exclusive eight-piece capsule collection for Bieber’s Purpose World Tour.


Justin Bieber and music merchandise company Bravado have launched a new collection in three UK Selfridges stores.

The collection features unisex tour merchandise such as caps, tees, sweats and leather goods.

The collection plays on Justin Bieber’s own style, as well as the current obsession with original and rare tour merch, some of which will be part of Justin’s UK tour wardrobe.

Justin commented,“British rock culture and street style – particularly metal and punk – is a big influence of mine, so I’m looking forward to seeing how people in the UK are wearing the Purpose Collection.”

Bosse Myhr, Selfridges’ director of menswear, said, “New and original music merchandise is a key fashion opportunity for us – one we are watching closely and believe has real potential and longevity as a growth category.”

Mat Vlasic, CEO of Bravado, continued, “We’ve had the privilege of helping Justin take his Purpose Tour Collection around the world and there’s no better UK partner for this launch than the iconic fashion institution Selfridges.

“At Bravado, we’re constantly developing new outlets for our artists to express themselves and create personal connections with their fans.”


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