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Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese commissioned by Gulli for second series before first airs

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Global TV distributor Cloudco Entertainment (formerly known as American Greetings Entertainment), has announced that leading French children’s network Gulli have signed up with Watch Next Media for a second series of Cloudco Entertainment, Watch Next Media and Kavaleer Production’s new kids’ animated sitcom Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese, before the first series has premiered.

Caroline Cochaux, Managing Director, Lagardére Active TV France & International CEO of, Gulli, said: “From the first concept we loved the originality and off-the-wall humour of this hilarious comedy, and upon delivery we immediately knew that we wanted a second series. Not only does its zany humour appeal to both young and old, but it also shows that however disparate a family might be, if they love each other then they can face any challenge and be happy.”

Philippe Alessandri, CEO of Watch Next Media, said: “Gulli’s decision of renewing the show based on the quality of the first episodes before it has aired is very rare in our industry and will allow us to move forward without interruption with our amazing creative team”.

Karen Vermeulen, Cloudco Head of Global Content Strategy and Co-production and Managing Director, UK Office, said: “This is a great testament to the original, high concept of the show and its development journey we embarked upon along with the incredibly talented partners that came together to co-produce the series.”

A Gulli/CBBC coproduction, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese is a comedic take on the blended family. The dad’s “sons” are a boy, a dog and a mouse; the mom’s “daughters” are a girl, a cat and an anthropomorphic piece of cheese. The new family learns to love each other and live together under one roof.

The hotly anticipated animation is attracting wide international attention even before it has launched. Following pre-sales to CBBC, RTE and De Agostini Networks in Italy, further significant deals are already in negotiation.

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese is produced by Cloudco Entertainment, Watch Next Media in France and Kavaleer Productions in Ireland for Gulli and CBBC with the support of CNC, Screen Ireland and Cofilosirs. Cloudco Entertainment holds the global distribution rights to the series, and Watch Next Media represents rights in French-speaking Europe.

The series is executive produced by Ryan Wiesbrock, Karen Vermeulen, Sean Gorman, Davis Doi and Harry Chaskin, Gene Laufenberg, Philippe Alessandri, Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh, and directed by Jeremy Guiter known for his work on “Nate is late” (another Watch Next Media series). Jo Allen serves as the BBC Executive on the show, and Coralie Boitrelle at Gulli.

Tom Krajewski, known for his work on “Buddy Thunderstruck” (another Cloudco series) and “Be Cool, Scooby Do!” as Story Editor, leads a great team of writers.

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