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As box-office collections of Bahubali shoot up, mechandisers make merry

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It has never happened in the annals of Indian film history that a film has been breaking record after record day after day at the box-office in only its fourth day of release.

While  on one side, Arka Mediaworks’ Bahubali has been plundering the box-office not only in India but also overseas, merchandisers all across the country look immensely happy with interested people thronging Malls and stores to grab merchandises associated with the film on the other.

It is said that Brands have worked with the movie makers to come up with several innovative merchandises and promotional initiatives.

Today, not only is the market flooded with Bahubali T-shirts, tea-coffee mugs, there are scores of Bahubali clothing and fashion merchandises available across the counters.

Others brands that have associated with brand Bahubali are Nestle, Oppo and Britannia. The latest is that Amul Girl has made her way to the Bahubali merchandise.

Excitement around Bahubali 2 was building up for quite a few months with the film producers and fans using digital media to drum up a buzz around the film.

The aim was to utilise different media to allow people to engage with the various aspects of the world of Bahubali in the best possible way.

According to reports, the makers of the film ventured into the licensing and merchandising of brand Bahubali by associating with Black White Orange Brands Pvt. Ltd as its licensing partner for the film from the film’s first part itself.

After the global success of Bahubali – The Beginning, this partnership hoped to reach out to audiences across the world allowing them to bring a little bit of Bahubali into their homes.

As part of its endeavour, Arka Mediaworks worked closely with the agency that conceptualised designs, represented the Bahubali franchise across a wide range of products and also looked at several licensing and retail partnerships.

And the result is there for everyone to see.














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