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Bhuvan Bam’s brand Youthiapa launches a newline of face masks

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Indian Youtuber Bhuvan Bam has launched a range of printed facemasks under BB Ki Vines’ official fashion line, ‘Youthiapa’.

The limited-edition range of face masks is available on the official website at Rs 125 per piece.

Bhuvan Bam’s brand Youthiapa launches a newline of face masks

Bam is encouraging the next generation to vouch for and practice social distancing as a civic duty by wearing masks at all times. Adding a dose of fashion to this necessary, he is attempting to influence such style-motivated youth to effect urgent social impact by creating a line of limited-edition, non-medical, superior quality canvas masks – creatively designed with slogans like ‘We can get through this’ – to ensure safety and help spread a message of hope in these trying times.

These all-day-wear masks are made using breathable fabric and are available at Rs 125 per piece. Founded in 2017, is a platform to have store access on a YouTube channel. The subscribers can shop for their favorite merchandise right below BB Ki Vines videos.

youthiapa masksSpeaking about the launch, in a press release, Bhuvan Bam said, “I believe the youth needs to speak up and vouch for social distancing to be able to combat the virus. They are the future pillars of the community and should lead by example. Having the potential to impact those around them, their families, and surroundings, they need to act now so that we can easily sail through these trying times. As masks have become a part of our new normal indefinitely, it’s time to treat the protective shield like an accessory that can elevate even the most basic outfit.”

Bam’s ‘Youthiapa’ has erstwhile popularly mastered the balance between usability and addressing cultural, national, and world issues through a tongue-in-cheek fashion. Youthiapa’s trending slogan ‘Hustle Karo Bhasad Nahi’ has caught a lot of attention amongst the industry and his fans. The slogan translates as a message to teenagers to galvanize and work hard, without creating any chaos – something Bhuvan considers his life’s motto.

The new line is exclusively available on the brand’s official website.

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