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Artist Steve Kaufman brings pop art into children’s merchandise

Steve Kaufman Art Licensing has partnered with American Pop Art with Becker Associates to license Kaufman’s work for children’s toys and other consumer goods.

The collaboration presents an opportunity for children to discover the fun and creative essence of Kaufman’s artwork.

Becker Associates will have access to Kaufman’s entire portfolio and will work with a variety of partners to create customized, child-friendly merchandises so kids can connect with some of their favorite characters.

Also known as SAK, Kaufman was a pop artist who pioneered the Neo-Pop art movement and worked as Andy Warhol’s assistant. His work features bright colors, well-known characters and pop-culture references.

The vivid colors, well-known characters and iconic pop culture objects, such as Coke bottles and Marvel characters, offer very exciting possibilities for licensing and merchandising in many kid’s categories

“As an American Pop Artist, Steve was a believer in working with and helping youth that needed a hand. It’s only fitting that Becker Associates, a leader in the toy world, bring on an artist that believed in being a strong leader and a charitable person for the young. I look forward to seeing many great things happen,” said Dana Blum, Director of Sales and Marketing, American Pop Art and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC.

Becker Associates is an award-winning global management agency that offers popular brands, patented products, and proprietary concepts for global licensing and distribution.

“Patti runs what is probably the best toy license management company in the United States,” Lutz Müller, President, Klosters Trading Corporation.

Steve Kaufman was a charismatic pop artist, humanitarian, and pioneer of Neo Pop Art. He painted icons and trends that stirred the American spirit. Kaufman started his career as an assistant to Andy Warhol, where he learned the art of silk screening.


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