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20th Century Fox, 7-Eleven join forces to celebrate ‘Deadpool 2’

To celebrate the release of the new superhero film ‘Deadpool 2’, 20th Century Fox and 7-Eleven are joining forces for new merchandises.

Under the terms of the agreement, participating 7-Eleven’s nationwide will bring the anti-hero (played by Ryan Reynolds) to life with a series of activations, branded consumer products and A/R technology integration.

Deadpool fans can log on to the “7-Eleven” app and access A/R camera features that make Deadpool appear in the store for a limited-time.

“To make this even more exciting, 7-Eleven is launching an Augmented Reality (AR) gaming experience, first of its kind in retail, with Deadpool. Fans can interact with Deadpool and have fun experiences in the 7-Eleven app, unlocking different experiences each week exclusively in the stores nationwide and in Canada. The fans will also be able to share their interactions with Deadpool inside a 7-Eleven store with family and friends,’ said Gurmeet Singh, chief digital and chief information officer, 7-Eleven.

Additional promotion highlights include:

  • The return of the Monster Mutant Red Dawn-flavored Slurpee;
  • Five collectible cups, that each feature Deadpool in a unique pose;
  • Straws that feature tiny Deadpools climbing the sides;
  • Chimichangas in Deadpool 2-themed packaging;
  • Deadpool 2-themed monster mutant energy and Mike’s Harder Watermelon Lemonade cans;
  • Gif creator that uses Trolli Sour Brite Tiny Hands candy

Deadpool 2 is slated to hit theatres nationwide May 18.


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