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Craft Sportswear undergoes total digital transformation

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Craft Sportswear is currently undergoing a total digital transformation for its Direct-to-Consumer business. The company has recently completed a major brand update and is now poised to take the next step by going all-in digitally to build a global e-commerce site designed by e-commerce agency Grebban on the Centra headless platform.

Craft Sportswear, which makes functional sports clothing, has in recent years undergone a brand journey in which it has updated its identity and broadened its brand for both winter and summer activities. The brand, which has had strong sales growth in recent years, has struggled with a complex e-commerce architecture requiring administration of several different individual e-commerce sites, with different systems, for different geographic markets. Craft Sportswear now sees an opportunity to ramp up its growth online and take the next step in the company’s digital development by launching a new global, but localised, e-commerce operation on the Centra headless platform. The aim is to strengthen the brand’s global position and build a stronger customer experience.

“Like many other established brands, at Craft Sportswear we have struggled with a complex e-commerce architecture in which we have been bogged down by solutions and systems that have made it more difficult to scale up business globally. The investment we are now making will therefore be an important step in our globalisation, where through Centra we will be able to manage our global e-commerce to consumers via one and the same platform,” says Erik Berg, Head of e-commerce at Craft Sportswear. “With our previous set-up we administered several sites locally, which gave us a local presence but never allowed us to achieve strong growth across a broader plane. We see a major upside in investing in a new, updated global site that is as functional as it is stylish. Here we will truly be able to clearly communicate the Craft Sportswear brand and the journey that we are currently on.”

In addition to updating the e-commerce architecture, strong attention will be paid to design and the customer journey in the new venture. Craft chose Centra as its platform vendor to team up with the e-commerce agency Grebban to build a specially designed and customised best-of-breed solution that lives and breathes Craft Sportswear. This will entail an enhancement of the major brand journey that the company has been on in recent years. The new solution is conceived to replace the e-commerce solutions that Craft Sportwear has used to date.

“The customer journey is a central focus areas in this venture,” continues Berg. “We have therefore chosen to team up with the e-commerce agency Grebban and Centra. “We will carefully hand-pick the technical solutions we believe are best for the customer and will build a dynamic on-brand site that automatically adapts the content and appearance, depending on the customer.”

Martin Jensen, CEO of Centra, comments: “Craft is a dream case for Centra. Like many established companies they have had a very complicated e-commerce architecture that has not been optimised for global sales. We see major potential in making this a success story by leveraging our technology and Grebban’s design to elevate the brand to new global heights.”

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