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Here’s how Sony YAY!’s ‘Guru Aur Bhole’ celebrate World Music Day

As the celebration for World Music Day starts, Kids channel Sony YAY! offers kids an opportunity to explore music and celebrate its magic.

According to a report in the Exchange4Media, Sony YAY!’s characters Guru and Bhole associate with renowned musicians such as Shaan, Kailash Kher, Shruti Pathak and Palak Muchhal for the event.

Each of the four maestros endorses a musical instrument (djembe, guitar, a ukulele and bongo drums). The main objective is to transform young aspirational souls into inspired musicians.

All the musical instruments were autographed respectively by these artists. These instruments will then be donated to NGOs whose aim is to create musical experiences for vulnerable children, to share knowledge and understanding of music.

Singer Shaan feels the initiative is about giving equal opportunity to kids who enjoy music and to encourage them.

“I’ve always believed that music is not only a hobby or a career choice, it’s much more than that. It can actually save a life, that’s what I’ve witnessed in my life. It can bring a smile on faces and that’s what Sony YAY! is doing this World Music Day and I’m really happy and privileged to be part of this initiative,” Palak Muchhal was quoted as saying.

According to Kailash Kher, music is something that balances life, supports life in a true sense.

“It’s such a fun and lovely initiative by Sony YAY! I totally had a gala time with Guru and Bhole and I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy World Music Day!” Shruti Pathak was quoted as saying.

Sony YAY! aims to help children across societies explore music in its truest form and thus helping them reach their full potential through music through this initiative.

Sony YAY has just completed one year of run with a handful of local properties such as ‘Guru Aur Bhole’ and ‘Sab Jholmaal Hai’. The channel was launched on April 18, 2017, replacing Animax.

World Music Day was celebrated worldwide on June 21.

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