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Now, witness new VR experience at Six Flags Magic Mountain ride

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has teamed up with Six Flags to launch a new VR experience featuring both Superman and Wonder Woman.

The new drop tower ride, called DC Super Hero Drop of Doom VR. The ride will allow passengers to follow Superman and Wonder Woman as they battle Lex Luthor and his anti-gravity ray gun with the help of a VR headset.

“As the world leader in ride innovation, Six Flags is taking virtual reality to the next level by leveraging the unique thrill of one of the world’s tallest drop towers and adding an epic virtual battle of good versus evil,” said Neal Thurman, president, Six Flags Magic Mountain.

It is now open at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

“Combining the most iconic DC Super Heroes, Wonder Woman and Superman, with state-of-the-art technology, DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR delivers an awe-inspiring new thrill for spring 2018,” Neal added further.

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