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Mentorn Scotland appoints Demand Media for ‘Robot Wars’ gifting products

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Mentorn Scotland has appointed Demand Media for a range of gifting products based on the television series ‘Robot Wars’, according to a report in the Global Licensing.

The new ‘Robot Wars’ range will include a stainless-steel model construction set inspired by the show’s house robots as well as a set of robots that act as additional hazards for competitor robots in the Robot Wars arena. The gifting range will also include a first aid kit in a tin, plasters tin and workshop enamel mugs that feature illustrated graphics of the series’ house robots.

Licensing Link Europe, which manages the “Robot Wars” licensing program, brokered the business transaction.

The exclusive-gifting range will launch at retail this September at select gift shops, garden centers and high street retailers throughout the UK region. However, people outside UK can avail the range via mail order and online.

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