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With many licensees in tow, Toca Boca creates first-ever line of consumer products

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Digital app and toy company Toca Boca has created its first-ever line of consumer products in association with a number of leading licensees.

Toca Boca Announces Its First-Ever Collection of Consumer Products Available Exclusively at Target

“The cult following our digital toys have amassed among kids around the world is awe-inspiring,” says Caroline Ingeborn, COO, Toca Boca. “Toca Boca’s vision is to be a category-independent brand and the move into physical products marks a major milestone toward that goal.”

The duel-gender range that includes apparel, accessories, sleepwear, backpacks, lunch bags, bedding and activity books, will be available exclusively at Target in the U.S. starting July 17.

“Everything we make at Toca Boca is designed for all kids. It’s our mission to make sure no kid ever feels excluded by Toca Boca,” said Mathilda Engman, head of consumer products, Toca Boca. “True to those values, the collection was designed with inclusivity in mind, and we are so excited to see it will be merchandised together as a collection sitting between the boys’ and girls’ aisle of many Target stores.”

Licensees who helped bring the digital brand to life as far as products are concerned include FabNY, The Foundery, Franco Manufacturing and Random House Children’s Books.



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