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Genius Brands Intl. growing global presence of SpacePOP

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By licensing the YouTube-driven series to WeKids in China and U Music TV in the UK, Genius Brands International is growing SpacePOP’s global presence. A second season of the animated series is also in development currently.

While U Music TV will make SpacePOP content available across the UK on its app and on Sky TV, FreeSat and FreeView, WeKids is planning to roll out music videos, the animated series and merchandise through online streaming, OTT TV and iOS and Android platforms across China.

SpacePOP is currently available in the US through YouTube, Toon Goggles, PopJam, BatteryPOP and the Kid Genius Cartoon Channel on Comcast.

OTT platforms Amazon, Apple, Roku and Google also carry the series. The SpacePOP app, which launched in February, is now offered on Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV.

The licensing agreements follow a deal with Luk Internacional for content distribution and licensing of SpacePOP in Southern Europe including Spain, Portugal and Italy. (Luk is now creating a Spanish-language SpacePOP YouTube channel.)

Since launching last summer, SpacePOP’s YouTube channel has hit 45,000 subscribers and 15 million views r. Earlier this year, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment took an equity stake in Genius Brands International and is now handling global home entertainment marketing and distribution for the brand.



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