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Three popular films leave their mark in apparel category


Thanks to the continuing efforts of creative licensing, three immensely popular films viz The Terminator, Rambo and Evil Dead 2 are each leaving their mark in the apparel category.

In the last month, creative licensing has assisted Studiocanal in extending its partnership with Licensing Essentials to grow the licensing programme surrounding the 80s classic The Terminator.

Meanwhile, American Classics has ramped up its efforts around Rambo and the most recently signed up Impact for This is Spinal Tap and Cotton Division for Rambo.

Tommy Cost, vice president of American Classics, said: “Terminator is one of the great sci-fi franchises of all time. It’s always on the list when we get requests from retailers at all distribution levels. Terminator is a central piece to our Classic Movie collection.”

Kim Penny, vice president of Creative Licensing, added that with the worldwide release of Terminator 2, 3D set to hit theatres later this year, the opportunity for the Terminator brand will only increase. “In fact, we think there is an opportunity to do a larger capsule collection for Terminator 2 to tie in to this release, so I am particularly looking forward to Magic,” he added.

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