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Sanrio introduces new character ‘Aggretsuko’

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Sanrio has introduced a character which is not all so good and cuddly like Hellokitty but is disgruntled, and Sanrio has already started its licensing and merchandising program

Sanrio has hit the target market as adult base with the introduction of the new character Aggretsuko.

She is cute, angry and a single scorpion woman who loves heavy metal. She is Aggretsuko, who is grown up adult and goes to work at a trading company who wakes up every morning and embarks on a hellish commute to her generic, soul-sucking high-rise office, where her dickhead boss tries to pass all kinds of extra work off on her and her annoying coworkers bother her while she’s trying to get shit done. So she copes in the same way untold scores of modern women do: By getting drunk and screaming out aggro heavy-metal songs at karaoke night.

So far, all Sanrio has rolled out in the way of Aggretsuko merchandise is a set of file folders it notes on its website are “great for the home and office”. And in no time, we would see Aggretsuko merchandise flooding the market with Aggretsuko T-shirts, bed sheets, and maybe even a drink named on her.

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