LIMA releases its second annual licensing survey

The International Licensing and Merchandising Association (LIMA) released its second annual survey and read more to know where India stands in the Licensing Industry.


The second annual survey from LIMA, which boasts details of the $251.7 billion global licensing industry, is now available for readers to download.

Conducted by Brandar Consulting, the report quantifies worldwide royalty revenue and corresponding retail sales by product category, property type and geographic region.

In the survey, results found that character and entertainment are the top property type, accounting for $113.2 billion in retail sales, with a 44.8 per cent share of the market.

Meanwhile, apparel led all product categories with $37.9 billion in revenue, which is 15.1 per cent of total global licensed retail sales, closely followed by toys at $33.7 billion (13.4 per cent), and fashion accessories, which came in at $28.5 billion (11.3 per cent).

Licensing Industry in India

As per the LIMA survey report, this year shows continuous growth in licensing for India. It showed that India is also budding in terms of rapid growth in online business. Research shows that India could be following China in the path of e-commerce. In the global rank of retail licensing India stands at #20 with $1263 million which is a really good position as compared to the previous year.

In India, the highest retail sales of licensed merchandise was for fashion products with $594 million which is 2 per cent of total global licensed retail sales, closely followed by Entertainment and Character with $406 million (0.4 per cent), and Corporate and Brand with $192(0.4 per cent).

Global Licensing Industry

Results also found that the US and Canada have remained the largest global markets for licensed merchandise, with retail sales of $145.5 billion last year, up 3.9 per cent for a 57.7 per cent share of the market.

Western Europe was cited as the next largest region, with strong results in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, where revenues totaled $51.8 billion, a 20.1 per cent share, up from 19.8 per cent a year ago.

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