NBCUniversal changes track by continuing to overhaul its consumer product division

As DreamWorks completes its integration into the studio’s core business and widens an already rich portfolio, NBCUniversal is continuing to overhaul its consumer product division by changing the course it has been charting all along.

In August, Universal Brand Development, the consumer product, games and digital and live entertainment arm of the studio’s ecosystem had announced two key appointments: Joe Lawandus, who joined last month as senior vice president and general manager, North America consumer products and Marc Low, who was elevated as senior vice president and general manager, international consumer products.

“Our global consumer products business unit has grown exponentially over the last two years both in the U.S. and international territories. As we continue to expand our business both creatively and categorically, both Joe and Marc have the proven ability to amplify both our businesses and partner relationships as we set new benchmarks for the future,” observed Vince Klaseus, president, Universal Brand Development.

Low’s escalated position will enable him to continue to help Universal Brand Development transition its business model, which has relied on overseas agents, to a direct business, giving the company enhanced advantages to leverage its ever-growing portfolio of diverse IP.

“Agents can be very good for the business and we do have many in a lot of countries in the world that we will continue to use, but for us in the key markets, going direct allows us to have boots on the ground so that we can engage with partners locally,” Low added.


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