Frederator Networks achieves 1 billion monthly views

Frederator Networks (Frederator), a WOW! Unlimited Media company, has achieved 1 billion monthly views across all of the Frederator YouTube channels.

Frederator’s Channel Frederator Network is the largest animation and artist network in the world with over 3000 YouTube channels.

Frederator founded the Channel Frederator Network in 2013 and is the home of some of the biggest animation channels on YouTube including D0MICS, FilmCow and Jaiden Animation.

The network also includes channels from artists, journalists and many other categories of YouTube videos.

Frederator programmes its own channels on YouTube, including Channel Frederator Network (which started as a podcast in 2005), Cartoon Hangover, and video game centric The Leaderboard, which receive approximately 30 million views a month.

Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator and Chief Creative Officer of WOW! Unlimited Media says, “Frederator is a creator focused shop. Working with these independent talents to build their audiences on YouTube gives Frederator an opportunity to find hit show creators and it gives us a remarkable insight into fans’ interests.”

In addition to the Frederator Network MCN channel, Frederator is in a joint venture with Mexico City based Ánime Estudios in the Átomo Network.


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