Schwinn, Netflix create limited-edition ‘Stranger Things’ bike

Schwinn, the classic bicycle brand of Madison’s Pacific Cycle has collaborated with Netflix to create an ’80s-style limited-edition Stranger Things bike. The bike was designed in the same style as one used by a character on the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things”, to capitalize on the Netflix show’s popularity

The limited -edition bike was inspired by the bicycle used by main character Mike Wheeler, who rides the bike throughout seasons 1 and 2.

Costs $379, only 500 of the “Mike’s Bike” bicycles are available for purchase. Featuring a banana-style seat, a front light and bell and a “Stranger Things” logo on the chain guard, the bike comes in a collector’s box.

“We are super into guerrilla marketing and are very opportunistic,” Milissa, Rick, senior director of marketing at Pacific Cycle was quoted as saying from AdAge India. “We saw this was a winning opportunity.” The company began working with Netflix last year on a licensing opportunity for a co-branded bike, based on the bikes frequently used by the young stars in the series. Rick notes that while the bikes on the show are not branded as Schwinns, they certainly appear similar to Schwinn’s two-wheelers of that decade.

The exclusive bikes can only be purchased by calling 1-800-SCHWINN.

Pacific Cycle is a division of USD 2.5 billion Montreal-based Dorel Industries, which sells home furnishings, furniture, baby products such as car seats, and health care products in the United States, Canada and Europe and other countries.

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