Mondo TV collaborates with Alianzas Producciones to make two new seasons of Heidi

Mondo TV has joined hands with Alianzas Producciones to co-produce two new seasons of the live teen series Heidi.

The two new projects, tentatively titled Heidi, bienvenida to show and Heidi, bienvendia a la fama will consist of 60 episodes each and will maintain a modern adaptation of the character in continuity with the first season.

Furthermore, Mondo TV Iberoamerica Group has decided to take up worldwide distribution excluding Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay for the upcoming seasons.

The first season of Heidi, bienvenida a casa will begin airing this month across Latin America on Nickelodeon in collaboration with a major marketing campaign.

The show’s launch in the region will also support the series’ licensing programme which will be taken up by Smilehood in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia; and Agosin in Chile and Peru.

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