Marketing Immersion looking out for business development and licensing opportunities for two series

Unraveling Flip Your Lid Studio’s newest creations, Outta Your Mind and MasterDaters, Marketing Immersion has informed that these creations were available for business development and licensing opportunities.

Outta Your Mind is an animated sketch/comedy/variety/ interactive cartoon series created by Jay Jacoby of Flip Your Lid Studios for kids 6-9 about a bunch of mind-bending super brains set loose on the world! It a crazy, imaginative, fun and educational series designed to entertain, amuse and inspire us… and even get kids to use their brains!

It is a smart multi-platform animated comedy and educational television series centered around a family of lovable super brain characters created by a nutty Professor, Dr. Gottfriedmind in his secret underground laboratory.

When crazy Professor Gotfriedmind’s secret experiment to create the smartest noggins on the planet suddenly backfires, a huge explosion rips through his secret lab.

And guess what? All the experimental brains soaking in big vats of gooey pink liquid deep in the caverns of his funky fortress…came alive!

In come the Braines. They’ve all got their own personalities, a passion for fun and games and major desire to help people!

Now the Professor’s going out of his mind because he’s created the wildest, wackiest, brainiest bunch of walkn’ talkn’ characters you’ve ever seen.

Meet the Braines. They are Hairbrain, Brenda Brain, Birdbrain, Peabrain, Lamebrain and Brainfart.

They can walk, talk, outwit and outlast just about everyone on the planet. Despise injustice, they love to help the underdog and want to teach the world that “if you put your brains together, you can accomplish almost anything!”

The game show features a VR Master Brain character, who sits atop a 3×3 Hollywood Squares type game board that features our brain characters in each square who all have something smart to say!

It’s Hollywood Brains!  Three kid contestants stand behind Brain podiums and answer IQ questions given by Master Brain who is perched on top of the game board.

Contestants call on the brain characters who deliver the question.  Contestants compete for IQ points that translates into time that is used in the end round where kids get a chance to go on a Virtual Shopping Spree.

Also launching is MasterDaters, an adult directed animated series about a twisted dating service that sends us each episode on a Date With Fate!

Their claim to success is that MasterDaters shines a candle on what happens when dating goes really right, but mostly really wrong.

The show is filled with non-stereotypical characters and is loaded with adult humor and not so great romance.

Single? Tired of online dating?  If so, MasterDaters is the property for one.  Hilarious and iconoclastic, MasterDaters will take you on an adventure, episode to episode, with regulars and guest characters that reflect unusual characters in unusual circumstances.

Set in the fine establishment of match maker Roxy, love matches are made of unbelievable improbable and impossible dates with fate.

The premiere episode stars, tattooed, uncleanly shaven Destiny and dapper, dresser, flower-giving Serge who tries to escape the inescapable; advances of the very muscular and hairy Destiny.

Jay Jacoby noted, “We are looking forward to seing the reaction of the industry to our newest creative content with Outta Your Minds and MasterDaters.”

“Both the shows are so different, one for kids, one for adults and both humorous shining a light on these superstar characters and their stories,” he added.

MasterDaters and Outta Your Mind are just two in the roster of original series that has been burst out of Flip Your Lid Studios.


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