DHX Media licenses 450 hours of kids content to China-based Tenent

DHX Media has licensed more than 450 half-hours of kids’ content to leading Chinese entertainment and social media platform Tencent.

The multi-year deal covers DHX’s new Inspector Gadget and Teletubbies series as well as TwirlywoosSuper WHY!Animal Mechanicals and, on an exclusive basis the classic Strawberry Shortcake cartoon. These titles and more will be available to kids across mainland China via Tencent’s streaming services.

Till date, DHX Media has licensed more than 11,000 half-hours of content across numerous digital and linear services in China, leveraging more than 2,700 half-hours of Mandarin-dubbed content in its library.

“As we continue to build on the tremendous opportunity for children’s content and brands in China, leading streaming companies like Tencent are looking to DHX Media as a key supplier of quality shows that children love,” said Josh Scherba, EVP Distribution and Content, DHX Media. “We are thrilled to launch into this new relationship with Tencent who have an incredibly robust and growing presence across the internet in China making their highly popular streaming platforms perfect for delivering top DHX Media series like Teletubbies, Inspector GadgetStrawberry Shortcake and others to millions of viewers.”

Tencent is one of the world’s largest technology companies and a dominant internet player in China. It recently became the first Chinese technology firm to cross US$500 billion in market capitalization trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, joining the ranks of Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.


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