Magnum collaborates with Sonam Kapoor for a web series

This summer, Magnum is here to celebrate a world-class style icon –Sonam Kapoor and her near-revered sartorial excellence simply steals hearts! The reason for her impeccable sense of dressing? Taking style seriously. She takes pleasure in the art of fashion and in making every outfit she dons, a passion project.

The queen of experimental style reflects the true essence of Magnum – serious style brought to life by serious pleasure. Inspired by this affinity between Magnum and Sonam Kapoor, here’s introducing a collaboration that defines a confluence of Pleasure and Style.

Magnum with Sonam are here to define pleasurable style and inspire you to craft your own. It’s time to serve looks with an extra side of ‘oompf’ with fashion secrets and trivia from the diva herself!

MagnumXSonam present The Style Project, a mini web series where the diva revels in the pleasure of decoding her personal style mastery. It’s a style tell-all you wouldn’t want to miss!

The web series also reveals an exclusive collection of accessories inspired by Magnum; an exquisite collections interpretation of the ice cream brand’s essence – pleasure and style.

The 5-part web series titled decodes Sonam’s trademark style secrets and inspires you to create your unique style narrative. From style obsessions and trends, to dares and secrets – if you’ve ever wondered how it all comes together perfectly, this is where you get the answers.

Sonam said “Magnum is a hallmark for indulgence and style excellence. To be on board with a brand that reflects exactly what inspires my style is thrilling. I take my style very seriously and take pleasure in the art itself. My mantra? Serious Style = Serious Pleasure! With Magnum, I’m here to co-create a space that encourages fashionistas to break free from stereotypes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this sinfully stylish series!


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