Rubik’s forays into augmented reality, launches ‘Rubik’s Cube Augmented’

Rubik’s associated with Merge Apps to create Rubik’s Cube Augmented – the world’s first augmented reality version of the top-selling toy.

Rubik’s Cube Augmented for Merge Cube will allow players to solve the classic brain teaser in augmented reality. When a player will view the merge Cube with the Rubik’s Cube Augmented app, it transforms into an interactive, holographic version of the Cube in the palm of their hand.

“This partnership with Merge Cube forms a core part of our strategy to leverage the latest available technology to take the Rubik’s brand to a new generation of consumers,said Lori Heiss-Tiplady, VP, brand strategy at Smiley.

“Our vision for Rubik’s is dedicated to innovation and creating high-quality products that tap into the brands’ rich architectural heritage and that encourages kids and adults alike to ‘Play Smart’, Lori further added.

The AR version is available to download on iOS and Android.

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