Marvel, littleBits release Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Marvel has partnered with LittleBits to introduce the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, an electronic building block creation set inspired by the Avengers franchise. The new kit allows kids to create and customize high-tech hero gear and a unique superhero identity using LittleBits electronic blocks.

Here’s how your kids can transform themselves into superheroes:

Each package includes nine Bits, seven hero gear parts, two sticker sheets, and access to the free LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor app, which gives creators step-by-step guides featuring Ironman, The Hulk, Shiri, Black Widow among others.

Additional features include wearable tech sensors, in-app block coding, authentic Marvel Avengers sound effects, and a customizable LED matrix light design.

“LittleBits’ Avengers Hero Inventor Kit enables kids of any age, gender, and technical background to find superpowers that appeal to them, embrace these skills, and invent their own. This rich and fun experience allows kids to ‘be more’ by allowing them to learn and challenge themselves,” said Paul Gitter, senior vice president, licensing, Marvel Entertainment.

Marvel Avengers including Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Shuri, will guide the kids through “hero training” in the free Avengers Hero Inventor app, which includes step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for more than 18 in-app activities.

“We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with Disney to now work with the amazing team at Marvel to give kids the skills and the confidence to change the world,” said Ayah Bdeir, founder, and CEO of littleBits.

The kit is available on, in Disney Stores and Little Shipping to the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand will begin from August 24.

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