Start spreading the news! Nutella Cafe to open in New York City

Ferrero, the Italian company responsible for your chocolate hazelnut spread-induced dreams, will open its first Nutella Café in New York City. The company have set their sights on a 2,200-square-foot cafe and coffee bar near Union Square, on 13th Street and University Place.

The branded restaurant opened its first Nutella Café on May 31, 2017 in Chicago. offer a Nutella-inspired menu with specialty beverages that celebrate the hazelnut spread.

“There truly is nothing like the taste of Nutella hazelnut spread, and with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Nutella Cafe Chicago, we know our fans feel the same way. It’s their excitement that propelled us to open another Nutella Cafe and continue to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product,” said Rick Fossali, vice president of operations, Nutella Cafe.

Check out some of the glimpses of the café here:

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“Nutella is global power brand and the popularity of the spread is built on Ferrero’s uncompromising focus on quality ingredients. As a multicultural epi-center, New York gives us the opportunity to explore and offer new ways for our local fans to enjoy Nutella, while reaching millions of tourists visiting the city,” Fossali further added.

The Nutella Café New York is set to open before the end of the year.

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