Golden Goose further expands Men’s Health food licensing

With the launch of a number of slow-cooked meat dishes. Golden Goose is further expanding the Men’s Health food licensing programme.

While M&M Walshe will be launching a range of sous vide meat dishes in the UK this month,the Men’s Health Kitchen range will launch with three dishes namely Chicken Tikka Fillets, Piri-Piri Chicken Breast and Cajun Pulled Pork with more recipes to follow.

Each dish provides a high source of protein and includes a variety of ingredients with specific health benefits such as chilli, ginger, turmeric and cumin.

It will be sold exclusively in Iceland for a three-month period then rolling out to Morrisons in January 2018. It will be supported online and through the pages of Men’s Health magazine.

Antonia Habdank, account director at Golden Goose commented, “The launch of the slow-cooked meat range comes immediately on the back of the launch of Men’s Health sausages into Asda.”

“It is now clear that the Men’s Health brand has a place in the shopping basket of consumers who want a delicious tasting meat product which is low in fat, high in protein and full of ingredients with specific health benefits,” he added.

Alun Williams, Managing Director of Hearst-Rodale and Health & Fitness, added “We are particularly proud of our range of slow-cooked meat dishes.The magazine’s nutrition experts have worked closely with M&M Walshe and the result is a range of very convenient, yet very healthy dishes which are ready to eat in less than half an hour.”


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