HuLa Infotainment Studios inks co-production deal for ‘Tamas and Rajas’ with Brazil

Animation Series Tamas and Rajas expands partnership and prepares to win the world! The first Brazilian co-production agreement on animation content with HuLa Studio’s, True Motion opens the gates between Brazil and India in an agreement signed on August-end for the production of new episodes of the series “Tamas and Rajas”.

Tamas and Rajas also have distribution agreements in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal.

“For True Motion, the deal is a bit of the essence of how the animation market works. We are adding, uniting and expanding, strategically to promote the growth of our Intellectual Property. For a strong brand develops day after day to meet market expectations, catch the public and achieve a quality standard for manufacturers of licensed products,” said Ricardo Romin, Executive Producer of the Tamas and Rajas Series and Director of New Business on True Motion Entertainment.

According to Ricardo, a strong brand should continue to grow all the time, with new designs, new products, and new positioning. “With HuLa, the gain in quality will be imminent, with the work of a super-qualified team, which brings new breath to Tamas and Rajas,” he further stated.

Since October 2017, Tamas and Rajas have been shown throughout Latin America by Broadcast Partner Nick Jr & Nickelodeon (USA), becoming the channel’s third most-watched program.

HuLa Infotainment Studios, which produces and distributes entertainment content worldwide. The 3D CGI animation studio, located in Bangalore, acquired the property through a co-production deal, also distribution rights in the African Continent and the Middle East along with India.

“We are thrilled to be working with our global partners to bring this new feel & breathe to Tamas and Rajas, further connecting these two countries through a popular show. The show is an exciting story that will not only capture the hearts and minds of audiences but will also have a mass worldwide appeal as a classic adventure,” said Bhanu Prakash, CEO and Creative Director of HuLa Infotainment Studios.

Tamas and Rajas is a series that carries lightness and provides conflict resolution through humor, promoting values such as friendship and ethics. Produced in 3D CGI animation, its target audience covers children between 3 and 9 years old, however, it is meant to please the whole family.

Headquartered in São Paulo, True Motion Studios has been active in the production of films and animations for 18 years to create, produce and market its own content and intellectual property. Since then, it invests in assorted projects, especially in the development of animation series and IP management.

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