Sanrio partners with Microsoft HoloLens for Actiongram

Sanrio has partnered with Microsoft HoloLens to develop a series of new Actiongram theme packs starring the popular Hello Kitty.

On Tuesday, Sanrio launched Hello Kitty on Actiongram, the HoloLens app that allows users to create short videos using a large array of holographic animations.

“The new Hello Kitty content is a fun and unique complement to our existing cas of characters and effects, which enables our creator community to pursue more immersive and interactive storytelling with the mixed reality filming techniques Actiongram offers,” said Dana Zimmerman, studio manager, Actiongram.

“We believe there’s huge potential for storytelling via mixed reality and are excited to forge forward with the next generation of creators and the passionate community of Hello Kitty fans.”

Egita Di Filippo, EMEA Digital Lead at Sanrio, added: “We are thrilled that Hello Kitty is engaging with the community of creators using Microsoft HoloLens and Actiongram.

“Mixed reality storytelling is an interesting new medium for expressing creativity which allows the many Hello Kitty fans to engage with and experience her in an entirely new way.”

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