Animasia Studio licenses character rights of Chuck Chicke to Sambill Park

Malaysia’s Animasia Studio has licensed character rights of Chuck Chicken to Sambill Park, a Malaysian mobile theme park business.

The 52 x 11-minute series takes place on an island filled with chaos and birds. The characters will be featured in Chuck Chicken Junior Warriors Competition, a new multi-stage obstacle course competition for primary school students in Southeast Asia and China.

Designed to promote physical activity among kids, the first eight-day event will take place in Malaysia in April. More than 3,000 participants are expected to take part in the competition before it moves to Indonesia.

Divided into categories based on age and gender, the course will include a rubber running track, inflatable obstacles, a slide, tunnel, tram, pool, mountain, maze, zorb ball and more. Pre-qualifying rounds will be held in select shopping malls, where schools will be invited to compete.

Global streaming rights of Chuck Chicken have been picked up by Netflix (excluding China) last year.

Animasia recently signed a three-year agreement with Malaysian publisher Sasbadi Holdings Berhad to develop a range of activity and comic books based on the series.

The toon also has a large presence in China, where it airs on CETV-1 Channel, Shenzen Media Group Kids Channel, Zhejian Television Kids Channel and Dalian Televian Kids Channel. It also airs on Disney China, Disney Southeast Asia and Nickelodeon India.


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