Michael Jackson tops list of dead celebrities earning big bucks by way of licensing

In their livings, celebrities earn a lot by way of licensing. But many of you may be unaware that celebrities continue to earn big bucks long after they expire.

Like, the King of Pop is still King even eight years after his death. Michael Jackson continues to break records from beyond the grave with a thrilling $75 million in earnings for 2017.

This year’s $75 million puts him shoulder to shoulder with Bruce Springsteen, the 17th highest.

Jackson is followed by golf legend Arnold Palmer who has grabbed the number two spot with $40 million. Palmer has been

Dead just about a year Palmer has made it to this list thanks to the 400 stores that sell Palmer-branded clothing in Asia and the 400 million cans of AriZona beverages’ Arnold Palmer’s line that sell each year.

Peanuts creator Charles Shultz has taken the third spot with $38 million mostly from the MetLife campaign with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Though the company retired the cartoons, Shultz’s contract does not expire until 2019.

Elvis Presley has finished fourth for 2017 with $35 million. That’s up from last year’s $27 million in large part because of Memphis’ new $45 million Elvis Presley entertainment complex as well as the new hotel at Graceland called The Guesthouse.

Reggae legend Bob Marley is the fifth highest with $23 million due to the Marley Beverage Co, and the House of Marley audio products.

Top-earning dead celebrities 2017

#13. Bettie Page (died 2008) – $7.5 million

#12. Elizabeth Taylor (died 2011) – $8 million

#11. David Bowie (died 2016) – $9.5 million

#10. Albert Einstein (died 1955) – $10 million

#9. John Lennon (died 1980) – $12 million

#8. Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel (died 1991) – $16 million

#7. Prince (died 2016) – $18 million

#6. Tom Petty (died 2017) – $20 million

#5. Bob Marley (died 1981) – $23 million

#4. Elvis Presley (died 1977) – $35 million

#3. Charles Schulz (died 2000) – $38 million

#2. Arnold Palmer (died 2016) – $40 million

#1. Michael Jackson (died 2009)– $75 million


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