Freaky Friday – 5 Weirdest Trump Licensed Products

Want to know what’s the secret behind Donald Trump’s success and riches? It’s licensing!

Donald Trump. The name alone garners immediate reactions. His presidential campaign has made him the biggest and perhaps the most polarizing name in the world today. But over the last few decades, he’s expanded the Trump brand to just about anything a big gold T might help sell—more than 268 entities in all.

Donald Trump has towers, skyscrapers and many other properties but did you know? Trump’s name was on the building, but he didn’t own it. It belonged to Roger Khafif, who owned prime oceanfront real estate but couldn’t get financial backing for his 2011 construction project. He had licensed the Trump name, which costs him more than a third of the $220 million he’d raised to fund the project.

We list out 5 weirdest Trump licensed products which we never knew existed:

  1. Trump Fragrance

In 2004, Trump teamed up with Estée Lauder to release not just a scent, but a “fragrance experience.” It’s a $13 cologne that comes in a gold box, with notes of mint, citrus, basil, cucumber, green notes, wood, and vetiver. Donald Trump, The Fragrance is not the typical scent for the modern man, but it’s suitable for someone with a rough exterior that has something more to offer once you get to know him.

  1. Trump Gold Bullion Chocolate Bars

Have you tried Trump Chocolates? No! We either. We found reviews and one chocolate expert on CNN was anything but impressed. And many loved it. Trump chocolates are made in Governor Pence’s home state of Indiana and Debrand Fine Chocolates produces milk chocolate bars for Trump’s properties that are wrapped like a gold bar.

  1. Trump Homes

Trump Home is a furniture line that includes lamps, chairs, tables, beds, and hand-woven rugs from the wilds of New Jersey. The furnitures attempts to leverage the decor of Trump’s own hotel properties in the retail market. Each self-ascribed “masterpiece” is “handcrafted to perfection and made to order . . . engineered using elite and exotic materials attained from around the world.”

  1. Trump Energy Drinks

Trump Energy Drink is a big hit in Israel, but has yet to make its mark here in the USA. Trump does not disclose how much he makes from it, but owns a beverage company in Israel. It seems to make these gold-spangled energy drinks — an empty can of which sells for $3.96 on eBay.

  1. Trump Steaks

Trump Steaks is a brand of steaks owned by Donald Trump that launched in 2007 and were initially sold at The Sharper Image and QVC. Trump was featured on the June 2007 issue of the Sharper Image magazine to promote his then-new brand of steaks, which were billed as the “world’s greatest”.

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