Zinkia closes deal with Digital TV Group with global repositioning of POCOYO in mind

With the objective of achieving a global repositioning of the POCOYO brand and to increase growth with the rest of the company’s titles, Zinkia has closed a deal with Digital TV Group, a multinational company specialized in content production, distribution and marketing.

Digital TV Group, company with an outstanding presence in Latin America, Europe, United States and Canada, will take over the commercialization of the company’s brands both in traditional and digital audiovisual platforms, consumer products exploitation (Licensing & Merchandising), plus the development of interactive and Edutainment products.

This activity is part of a strategic plan designed by Zinkia in partnership with Digital TV Group that entails the implementation of commercial and marketing actions in the territories in which the Spanish company is currently present (over 150 countries), as well as new markets and platforms, over the coming years.

The particular TV Group trusts the initiative of three media executives with solid background in the entertainment business.

Patricio Rabuffetti, founder of Non Stop and current vendor of leading media companies in the kids segment, will be part of the team along with Sebastian Vibes, RGB Entertainment, Cris Morena Group and Televisa Internacional and Rodrigo Piza who has been in charge of positioning and management of recognized properties from Nelvana, Locomotion, Hit Entertainment and Cookie Jar. Rabuffetti and Vibes will be based on Madrid, whereas Piza will contribute from Mexico City and Toronto.


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