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Now, Sesame Street is entering classrooms. Here’s how

Sesame Workshop has partnered with McGraw-Hill for classroom curriculum featuring “Sesame Street” characters. According to the experts, the move could open the door for other companies to move into the sensitive learning space with possible influence on children. However, no financial terms for their new line of classroom instructional materials have been disclosed yet. According to the deal, the two companies will offer research-based “Sesame Street” branded content to pre-kindergarten and elementary schools across the United States. The initial program will promote social-emotional learning skills such as empathy and self-awareness…

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Galaxy Macau launches first-ever ‘Smileyworld’ luxury pop-up

The Smiley Company has partnered with Galaxy Macau to launch a first of its kind, lavishly styled Smiley World pop-up promotion. According to a report in the License Global, the Smiley pop-up will include vibrant art installations, a 7.5-meter LED light pillar, Smiley World chair, interactive photo opportunities among others. In a first of its kind, the Smiley Pop-up will feature a lavish range of Smiley products, including two exclusive Smiley x Memorigin Tourbillions for Galaxy Macau, and SmileyWorld fashion accessories such as cheeky clutches, worn-to-be-seen sunglasses, stylishly fun phone…

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DHX Media, Sony extend ‘Peanuts’ licensing agreement

DHX Media has closed its sale of the minority stake in Peanuts Worldwide to Sony Music Entertainment. Under the deal, Sony Music Entertainment has indirectly acquired 49 percent of DHX Media’s 80 percent interest in Peanuts, worth CAD 235.6 million in cash. DHX Media now owns 41 percent of Peanuts, Sony Music owns 39 percent and members of the family of Charles M. Schulz own 20 percent. Michael Donovan, Executive Chair, and CEO, DHX Media, said, “Through this transaction, we have reduced our debt while retaining control of Peanuts and…

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